Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Works in progress

Remember this post on Gibbous Fashions?

Here is the materials I have gathered thus far!

Will work on it when I get two spare seconds - but for now I stare longingly at the fabric pile every time I sit down to work at home!

Secondly - I'm toying with the idea of opening up another shop that focuses on felt items. I've taken to hand sewing since quitting smoking almost 3 months ago {yea me!] and of course I immediately though of selling things on etsy since I'm making ridiculous amounts of items just to keep my hands busy. Here is one of them at a photoshoot with my cat, Salem.

And his actual portrait and listing

He is made from felt that's created using post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. How awesome is that?

Thoughts on Happy Irish Kitty?


Anonymous said...

very cute!

Kathleen McGiveron said...

Happy Irish kitty is definitally recylced love! I like the lopsided face, it's my favorite part about the cat. The bigger button contrasting the smaller makes me laugh!!!

ALso thanks for commenting at my blog!