Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jewelry Holders

So I'm trying to make it a point of having all of my jewelry pieces for sale in my other shop ( pre-made (versus making them as they sell). This would save me time & make my life significantly easier but of course the question then becomes: how would I store everything?

I'm a very visual person so I couldn't just pack them up before they sale, so I've been looking at ways to hang and organize my dozens of pieces. Here are the top runners thus far!

Elephant Jewelry Holders

Tutorial found on craftster:
Of course I wouldn't do elephants but paintings of vaginas or something else equally random and slightly offensive.

Baby arm necklace holder!

Also found on etsy:
This is by FAR my favorite! Especially since the baby parts serve a dual purpose. I'm perpetually hunting for porcelin dolls at thrift stores so I can use the heads for a kick-ass candle holder idea I've been working on. I've only score one so far but as soon as I can get 4-5 I'll be making both projects!

DIY Hanging jewelry holder

Found on Flickr:
Seems to be one of the easiest to do and will hold the most. If I can find the perfect antique frame it's definitely getting put on my ever growing 'to craft' list.

Last but not least

Found on Flickr:
I am really drawn to the geometric shape of this piece. I think if I found some vintage nobs I'd totally make this one weekend.

I hate how looking for an idea on one particular project inevitably leads to a dozen more that I feel compelled to create.

The weather here in Florida has been warming up - took a lovely hike this past weekend with Chef bf. Pictures to come shortly!


Kim Caro said...

i am drooling right now!

Kim Caro said...

ps i REALLY am digging this. im followin!

EtsyFoodSnob said...

Thanks Kim - checking your blog out now :)

Jabeen said...

You are really good at this. I have been thinking of creating a stand for my own jewelry for ages. This is an excellent piece. Saves space too!