Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The waiting is the hardest part....

So I'm expecting multiple packages this week and the wait is killing me! I think this is a big reason why I'm so anal about getting food snob orders out asap, I know the feeling of eagerly anticipating a packages arrival all to well and the utter joy one experiences when it comes much sooner than expected! One order I'm particularly enthused to receive is from the always delightful Heathens Hearth (http://HeathensHearth.etsy.com). I've used their soap for almost a year now and will never go back to store bought! I'm most fond of the 'pink sugar' scent and this time splurged on the lotion as well :)

My second package is one from Amazon with a few books I've been craving. Two from mental floss, the publishers of one of the greatest magazines ever and many books which are absolutely going to make you smarter if you read them. I'm addicted to trivia and random knowledge so these quench that nagging "I don't want to feel dumb anymore" feelings I tend to get weekly since completing graduate school.

The second half of the order is two books on buying/selling real estate. As a pseudo low-income, first time homebuyer I'm prime to score a great deal on purchasing my first house soon and want to be fully educated before I do so. My goal is to aquire multiple properties - some to rent out and some to just flip - and also obtain my real estate liscense this year (just to save on fees, definitely not as a career change!). I'm hoping these may help get me more aquainted with the somewhat daunting world real estate!

Last, but not least, I'm expecting a wonderful purse from my dear mother this week as well. Pics to come when I finally get it :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Scales and Faux Meat

Today was quite exciting!

My parents came into town for a short day trip and I took them to this amazing antique/thrift store. Chef bf took me there for the first time recently to see a stunning navy blue Victorian sofa set so I was happy to share in this new find with my family.

Of course I also scored the greatest items...such as this new cup for my slowly-yet-surely-expanding weird cup collection

New cup:

Collection thus far:

Adorable vintage box of maple syrup (bottle actually included!)

Last but definitely NOT least, a baby scale!!

Hilarity ensued when my Dad and I got into a discussion about the potential uses and need for a baby scale in front of the cashier at Evermans.

Oh and fair warning: If you bring an infant into my house it will get weighed.

This was also the locale where I made the life-altering discovery that faux lunch meats exist. This May will be the 3 year anniversary of my becoming a vegetarian and while I'm 100% happy with the decision I sometimes miss my old bologna sandwiches or snacking on pepperoni. All the products are from Yves, I've never tried them before but I've already sneaked a pepperoni and they are yummy! Can't wait to try the deli slices this week for lunch :)