Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fairhope Part 2

Couldn't stay away so we went and stayed a night there. We stayed at the Hampton Inn which is in the heart of downtown and within walking distance of basically everything.

The staff was very friendly and the rooms we're beautiful. Each room had a different picture next to the room number and I found it quite ironic that we we're stuck with this one ;)

We ate at Tamara's - I say ate but really we just shared some appetizers (which were delicious!) and had a bottle....and a half....of wine (did I mention how nice it was to have a hotel within walking distance lol).

We went to the Fairhope library (I'm a massive book nerd) and I was floored with how nice it was! SO much better than the one here in Pensacola and I could tell it really was a community center with events and tons of people there utilizing the resources it offered. The greatest thing though was stumbling upon two mini dollhouses that I believe were decorated to act as mini version of two shops in town. They we're ADORABLE! My favorite was the bookstore

And what's better than a mini bookstore? A mini playboy!

Speaking of bookstores - they have the cutest little family-run one called Page and Pallette ( that hosts a wide variety of events and authors there weekly. They just had the author of 'Will Jesus Buy Me a Double Wide' there and Trisha Yearwood will be there soon to sign copies of her new cookbook. Not that I really care at all about country, or need cookbooks lol, but it's neat what big names they get coming through there!

This is a picture of their coffee shop, Latte Da, the book store is on the other side and I believe the art supplies are on the second floor.

Photo courtesy of: Bill Starling for the New York Times

We ended our time with a soon-to-be-traditional picnic in the park, an almost nap under a lovely tree, and stroll on the piers.

Fairhope, I do love thee.


Jessica said...

The picture by each room number is a cute idea

Rachael said...

Oooh, I want those dollhouses! *_* Very nice :D

Sarah said...

Coffee, books, and art supplies all under one roof? You have found my idea of heaven.