Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to make Garden Markers

As a novice gardener I knew I'd need some sort of plant markers for all my herbs and veggies this season as I probably could not identify them to save my life. I came up with this idea as a pretty inexpensive and quick way to make some fairly adorable garden markers :)

Materials needed:
Empty seed packets
Balsa wood (I got 1/4"x3"x36" for the main part and just small rods for the sticks)
Mod Podge
Optional: Polyacrylic

Step 1: Cut balsa wood into 2"x3" rectangles (the scissors cut mine okay with a little force)

Optional step: Let kitty have fun with long stick

Step 2: Cut out the front picture of the seed packet and the name of the seed. Using the mod podge glue the name in the middle of the picture - and glue the entire thing to one of the pieces of balsa wood. Cover with 1 coat of mod podge, let dry, and apply a second coat.

Step 3: To further protect from the elements (and because I already had this on hand) I applied a coat of polyacrylic. I'm not sure if this step is necessary, especially if your plants will be somewhat protected from rains, but I wanted to ensure they would be water and fade resistant as much as possible. Apply it as you do mod podge, but with gloves on and outside as the fumes are quite strong!

Step 4: No picture on this but cut the long sticks into 4-5" pieces and glue to the back of the balsa wood pieces. I used E6000 glue (usually for jewelry) but I'm sure any other strong adhesive would work fine!

Ta Da!

Not the fanciest things ever - but they get the job done :)