Monday, March 8, 2010

Recycle = Love

Last garden related post today - I promise!

I'll start off with my dream garden and the rest are photos I've found while looking for ways to recycle containers in the garden. I think gardens that utilize upcycled or 'found' objects are beautiful *and* I'm a total tightwad and love to do things for as cheap as possible =)

Repurposed Tin Cans

Old Suitcase Planter!

Not related to veggies or herbs but how could I not include this amazing chandelier bird feeder?!

Tin Can Strawberry Planter

Wall Tin Containers

Old Tires


Gremlina said...

we had container gardens for so many years & I wish I'd found pics like these back then! I love the shoe bag herbs...very neat.

Amber said...

OH MY GOD I adore the stuff garden! The chandelier made me squee, and all of the repurposed tires are awesome to see.

I'm working on a raised bed and container garden AND a chicken coop right now. :) Come check out my blog if you want to.

I followed you from the Etsy forums, by the by. Good luck, and abundance to you and yours!