Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catch up weekend...

I crammed a lot into the weekend to make up for a less-then-desirable week prior. Friday night we went to my new favorite bar 600 South and had the *MOST* amazing olive tapenade ever! It was set upon feta cream cheese and we actually talked about it the rest of the night it was so good. Plus, the mood at 600 is just so sexy and upscale - between that and their great wine selection I think we'll be spending a lot of time here this summer!

We actually liked it so much we ended up going back again on Saturday for more of the same! Last weekend it was global two nights in a 600...we tend to go a bit overboard when we like something :)

We also went to the Pensacola Jazz Fest in downtown Seville Square on Saturday. We only walked around the actual fest briefly and got sidetracked wandering the streets drooling at old Victorians. This is what the square normally looks like - it's a beautiful area!

We stopped to eat at Hub Stacy's before heading back to the house and it was my first time there. I got the Baylen, which is a vegetarian sandwhich, and it was yummy! The portions were also HUGE and very reasonably priced - I think we may end up going back frequently.

Tonights agenda: Watching Army of Darkness and having a hardXcore snuggle fest!