Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kitty Lovin and a Mini-Break

I've taken to carrying the camera around with me at (almost) all times and snapped salem in two of my favorite poses yeseterday.

Exhibit A:

Sitting like a person with this hand over his gut

Exhibit B:

Curled up in a little ball with his hand covering his face

See - aren't they the cutest ever?!

Joe and I have also decided to put FoodSnob on vacation mode for the month of April. I really wanted to focus on LoveandLust before the summer hits (which is a VERY slow time on etsy) and Joe and I both are going to work on some in-person accounts for FoodSnob. We'd also like to have some new products for the season so we think closing for a few weeks will enable us to focus more and be more productive.

Speaking of Chef McDreamy - I snapped this photo driving yesterday. It's a HOLE in the wall BBQ place that he tried on Saturday. He has this weird correlation between 'more ghetto' and 'better food'. I'm a vegetarian but judging by his responses toward the pulled pork sandwhiches, he's usually right!

Finally - I listed my first Vintage item yesterday! It's an Italian scarf from the 1960's (I believe) that I found tucked away in a vintage store a few weeks ago. It's divine!



Lonesome Road Studio said...

Congratulations on your new shop - I hope it goes well!
Love that kitty, I would just love to rub that tummy!

Hali said...

hi, found you on the esty 1,000 follower forum.

Nice cat. Unfortunately I am not aloud to like cats becuase i am allergic to them. I brake into hives and get itchy and sneeze and everything. Oh well.. just saying hello from

Rachael said...

That is one FLOOFY cat! Well, I'm sad you'll be down for a while because I have really come to love your blog but I understand the need for a break (and will be taking one during the summer probably)
Good luck ~ happy crafting!