Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New shirt!

What do I love second only to romance? Humor! Meld the two together...

Awesome me realized you can't read backwards when I take pictures in the mirror lol.

It's written in French and says...

"This says something beautiful in French. I'm serious"

Lawls! I love it :) I think I may make a few more with wildly inappropriate statements. May list some in the etsy shop if I can tweak them just a bit.


Nicole Bergman said...

LOL love it!

Victoria said...

Cute! And, I know this was totally not the point of the post, but I like your bathroom. :o)

EtsyFoodSnob said...

Thanks Nicole and Victoria :)

Btw - I'm also obsessed with my bathroom - claw foot tubs? Yes please!

Connie P said...

Wonderful!! Love it!! LOL ...I'll take one. Please and thank you! ;-)

Creative Minds said...

Very cute shirt.

Tess said...

That's great! It reminds me those tattoos people get in another language that mean something totally different than they think!

Tal said...

Love the shirt! I can read french, but not backwards lol.

Ulatbulu said...

what a nice girl *'s shirt* :p

Aso said...

Love the t-shirt! Should definetly make more, a collection in french and other languages. My girlfriend would love them too. Keep up the good work. Aso

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Anonymous said...

I like your tits.