Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Scales and Faux Meat

Today was quite exciting!

My parents came into town for a short day trip and I took them to this amazing antique/thrift store. Chef bf took me there for the first time recently to see a stunning navy blue Victorian sofa set so I was happy to share in this new find with my family.

Of course I also scored the greatest items...such as this new cup for my slowly-yet-surely-expanding weird cup collection

New cup:

Collection thus far:

Adorable vintage box of maple syrup (bottle actually included!)

Last but definitely NOT least, a baby scale!!

Hilarity ensued when my Dad and I got into a discussion about the potential uses and need for a baby scale in front of the cashier at Evermans.

Oh and fair warning: If you bring an infant into my house it will get weighed.

This was also the locale where I made the life-altering discovery that faux lunch meats exist. This May will be the 3 year anniversary of my becoming a vegetarian and while I'm 100% happy with the decision I sometimes miss my old bologna sandwiches or snacking on pepperoni. All the products are from Yves, I've never tried them before but I've already sneaked a pepperoni and they are yummy! Can't wait to try the deli slices this week for lunch :)


C16 said... you have never heard of this?! They carry this everywhere!! dang E you don't eat meat and you're living under a vegetarian rock! Oh.. and if you haven't tried it.. Boca has chili and Lasagna that's pretty dang good too!!

EtsyFoodSnob said...

I haven't seen the Boca Lasagna but I just saw that Morningstar has some out (BOGO @ Publix last week FTW) as well as some chicken dish concoction that they conveniently didn't have :( I have to go raid Everman's before the sale ends on the Sliced Turkey I got - it was soooo yummy, it was the only kind that got Salem all worked up thinking it was real meat lol.

C16 said...

I am certain Salem would prefer the fake Fried chicken and a 40oz but... I am only going by experience with my boys :)