Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I feel so loved <3

We made it to the Front Page of etsy again yesterday! I was actually able to catch it while it was still up - such a rush! We did much better than the last time we were featured. We ended up with 35 sales yesterday, about 900 views and almost 100 new hearts! Loves it!

I also found out we are featured in our 3rd gift guide, holiday food gifts!

What an incredibly first 6 weeks for us - I really can hardly comprehend it! We have SUCH big things in store for 2010, I can't wait to divulge details but for now I will have to leave you in suspense :) I will say we are currently working on some fantastic new items for Valentines Day that should be up in the shop mid-January. One will definitely be a new flavor of marshmallow that will replace the current peppermint ones so if you'd like to try those you only have a few weeks left!